Florence Suite

In the heart of Florence, just a few steps from the city's most famous attractions, you'll find an oasis  of elegance and luxury that will place you right at the centre of the city's historical and artistic heritages...


Suite a Firenze Suite in Florence

The Best Suite
in DownTown

 Sito in Lingua Italiana

F l o r e n c e   S u i t e

Via Nuova de' Caccini n.25
50121  Florence FI  ITALY 
Tel.  +39 055 2001730
Fax.  +39  055 2269018


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Florence Suite

Via Nuova de' Caccini n.25      (ang. Via della Pergola)  50121 Florence       Tel.  +39 055 2001730       Fax.  +39  055 2269018

Sede Legale : Florence Clening Service Srl via il Prato 66 50123 Firenze   P.I.  05754110483

www.suitefirenze.com       info@suitefirenze.com

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